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What courses do we offer?

Throughout the year we offer a variety of Orton-Gillingham and Structured Literacy courses.
Many of these courses can be used to satisfy CTLE requirements for continuing education.

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  • Orton-Gillingham 30HR Classroom Educator Course

    February 18th-22nd
    Manhattan, NY

    The Classroom Educator course trains teachers to use the Orton-Gillingham approach in a classroom setting or during small group instruction. The training curriculum for this course leads to basic understanding of the following elements of Orton-Gillingham instruction:

    • Reading acquisition in all learners and the nature and needs of the dyslexic learners
    • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
    • Phonics
    • Reading fluency
    • Vocabulary
    • Knowledge of the principles of the instruction and ability to explain why the principles of the Orton-Gillinhgam Approach are effective
    • Knowledge of the structure of the English language
    • Development of the Orton-Gillingham lesson plan for groups or classroom

    Materials Included:

    Binder, Basic Card deck, Advanced Card Deck, Suffix Deck, Blending Deck, Alphabet Strip, Pen

    Upon completion trainees are eligible for:

    • 30 CTLE Hours
    • Option for certification *additional cost
    • 3 graduate credits *additional cost
  • Intro to Orton Lesson Planning

    December 8th and 9th
    Private - Refer to email

    Trainees will review the elements of an Orton-Gillingham lesson and have the opportunity to ask questions and problem solve based on their experiences utilizing the approach. Trainees will also get an opportunity to complete lessons with a Trainer and hold mock tutorial sessions to implement their lessons.

    • CTLE Credits Available Upon Completion
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  • Classroom Educator 30 HR

    December 27-30
    New York, NY

    Trainees will learn about reading acquisition in all learners and the nature and needs of the dyslexic learner. This is a hands- on course that will focus on phonological awareness, phonics, blending, sight words, spelling, reading fluency, the six syllables types, and vocabulary. Trainees will also learn the steps and processes that go into creating an Orton-Gillingham lesson plan and have opportunities to develop their own lessons.

    • CTLE Credits Available Upon Completion
    • 3 Graduate Credits Available Upon Completion
    Sold Out

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